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Text Neck? Learn what we can do to help.

Do you have that tight, uncomfortable strain in your neck? Is it causing you to struggle at work or to even sleep at night? How you hold your phone as you text might be the perpetrator. Statistics show that about 82% of adults have cell phones and about a quarter of them experience neck pain.
 What causes "Text Neck"?
Any pain or tension related to the neck is often caused by poor posture. Throughout the day, whether people are in class, sitting at a desk, or standing, if they're texting they're probably hunched over with their head extended. This causes the muscles to become tense, causing strain. The tension then leads to the stiffness and aches in the neck.
What can I do?
You can try to maintain correct posture by sitting straight with your eyes looking ahead as you text. Or you can visit a chiropractor.
What can the Stewart Clinic do for me?
Text neck is the inflammation of the joints around the neck. If it remains chronic, with no care, it can lead to early arthritis. The doctors at Stewart Clinic know that by stopping inflammation they can stop the affects of arthritis. Their procedures are designed to restore normal movement and position, as well as restoring postural balance that stops swelling.
What sets the Stewart Clinic apart from the other clinics in town?
The Stewart Clinic is dedicated to you. You are never rushed in or out of the office. The doctors and the staff always takes their time to understand you, your needs, and to deliver the best care. Here the doctors create a unique plan for you. They're mindful of your time and don't want to waste it. The schedule is designed to get you well as soon as possible. It is half the schedule as the other chiropractors in town. The results from the Stewart Clinic are faster and cost you less money. 

 If you would like to learn more, or have someone who needs more information, please call 706-543-2584.


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